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My thoughts about appraising, buying and selling jewelry, gold, and diamonds. These articles are all written by me and represent my opinions. I welcome any comments and feedback.

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Auctioned Jewelry To Calibrate My Diamond Price Calculator

Auction house published information about jewelry they sell. That information can be used to help my diamond price calculator be more accurate on more rare items.

over 5 years ago

Jewelry Appraisals Got EVEN Easier

New forms allow for instant jewelry appraisals by answering a series of questions tailored exactly to your piece of jewelry.

almost 6 years ago

Instant, Online Appraisals For Certified Diamonds

Now, you can see the appraisal value for your certified diamonds instantly and online.

over 6 years ago

Predicting The Cut Of Fancy Diamonds For Your Diamond Appraisals

Fancy cut diamonds (or non-rounds) have differences in the quality of their cut; however no independent lab grades with that in mind.

over 6 years ago

New Way To Calculate How Much Your Diamonds And Jewelry Is Worth

SellMy.Jewelry has a new user interface designed to help you learn the value of your jewelry quicker and easier.

almost 7 years ago

Selling Diamonds in Denver – What Do I Do With Them? The Cleaning And Sorting

After you sell diamonds at my Denver office, what do you do with them and where do the diamonds go? The short answer is back into jewelry.

about 7 years ago

Selling Fancy-Cut Diamonds: Don’t Expect What You Paid

There are so many propriety fancy cut diamonds available. Stores will give you a beautiful sales pitch but stay with the most common.

about 7 years ago

Diamond Price Calculator – Showing The Price Changes After One Year

I have collected extensive data on diamond prices for over a year now and calculating diamond prices and showing appreciations and depreciations for just as long.

about 7 years ago

After You Sell, Where Does The Jewelry Go?

What do you do with jewelry you buy? This question is all too common among my clients. The short answer is I sell it.

about 7 years ago

We Buy Your Gold And Jewelry Differently Than A Pawnshop

SellMy.Jewelry is a small office where you can discreetly sell your gold, diamonds and jewelry rather than a busy pawnshop.

about 7 years ago

Calculate The Price Of Your Gold And Platinum In Kilos, Ounces, Grams And More

SellMy.Jewelry’s instant quote feature allows you to calculator or learn how much your gold is worth if you know the weight kilos, Ounce, or grams.

about 7 years ago

1 Carat Diamonds – How Shape Affects Price?

Different shapes are priced differently. I looked one carat G color and VS1 clarity diamonds and compared prices.

about 7 years ago

Cash For Gold – Checking Our Model

SellMy.Jewelry pays cash for gold jewelry. Our online offers are higher than what competitors actually pay.

about 7 years ago

Ready To Buy Your Old Jewelry Including Gold And Diamonds

I am refreshed, invite you to use our instant tool to sell your old jewelry, and am ready to help you sell your jewelry.

about 7 years ago

Selling Old Jewelry Versus Unwanted Jewelry Versus Antique Jewelry

We buy your old jewelry whether it is an estate piece or just an antique.

over 7 years ago

Gold & Jewelry Stamps, Markings And Inscriptions

Fine jewelry (and costume jewelry) are both stamped (or marked or inscribed) to help you identify the metal whether it be gold, platinum, or gold plated.

over 7 years ago

Cash For Gold: Historical Prices

Cash price for gold is not at an all time high but is still very high compared to most of history.

over 7 years ago

How Much Is My Jewelry Worth? Worst Case Scenario

The value of your jewelry depends on what you buy. My last post created a best case scenario; this one illustrates a worst case.

over 7 years ago

Internal Rate of Return On Diamonds and Jewelry: The Best Case

I found some historical sale prices of diamonds including for a 2 carat round in a solitaire mounting.

over 7 years ago

Know the Value of Your Jewelry AND Save That Value as a PDF

You can now get an instant quote AND download it as a PDF.

over 7 years ago

Instant Online Quotes For Your Diamond Jewelry Presentation at 1MC

May 18th, 2015 will be my first opportunity to discuss in front of a wider audience my vision for SellMy.Jewelry.

over 7 years ago

Buying an Engagement Ring Resources

SellMy.Jewelry focuses on buying your jewelry; however, our tools can also be used for helping you get more value when buying jewelry and engagement rings.

over 7 years ago

Online Jewelry Appraisal Feature Made Better

SellMy.Jewelry is an iterative web application. Check out recent improvements in how your instant online jewelry appraisal is displayed.

over 7 years ago

Best place to sell jewelry in Denver

Thinking through why SellMy.Jewelry is Denver’s best place to sell jewelry and diamonds.

over 7 years ago

Selling Designer Jewelry

Designers makes beautiful jewelry and sell them at premiums. Buying them knowing and understanding the secondary market does not value their work as much as their sales people.

over 7 years ago

GIA Diamonds - Look at Them First

GIA has high standards but must compromise them at some point.

over 7 years ago

Sell My Diamond Engagement Ring – Tax Implications

For the most part, you are not taxed when you sell your jewelry to me unless you are significantly profiting.

over 7 years ago

Jewelry Appraisals – What You Should Expect

A good jewelry appraisal should have a picture of the item, describe its settings with a total weight, list each diamond greater than 0.40 carat separately, and summarize smaller diamonds.

over 7 years ago

GIA Certified Diamonds

I buy, sell and mostly trust GIA certified diamonds in Denver. The Gemological Institute of America sets the standards; however, they are not perfect.

over 7 years ago

Diamonds and Its Industry – Reaction to an Atlantic Article From 1982

Evaluation of a story written in the 1980s in the Atlantic Monthly. The piece includes a great history of diamond jewelry as well as some helpful information.

over 7 years ago

Heart-shaped Diamonds – why is my quote so low?

Fancy cut diamonds can be beautiful, but the market is not as large as the market for round diamonds, which limits the resale value.

over 7 years ago

Reselling Black, Brown, Or Chocolate Diamonds?

Non-white, non-fancy colored diamonds have limited resale value. These diamonds include chocolate and black diamonds.

over 7 years ago

Selling Jewelry Locally

My suggestion to people buying and selling jewelry is deal to locally here in Denver. You should get the same prices and avoid the hassle.

over 7 years ago

Denver Diamond Buyer - Licensing and Registration

Licensed by City and County of Denver to serve you better

over 7 years ago

Worth or Value of A Diamond Jewelry

Determining the worth or value of your jewelry is not easy, but our instant tool should help.

over 7 years ago

Hello World And Welcome to SellMy.Jewelry - More Coming!

Thank you for visiting SellMy.Jewelry. This post is the first of many. We are excited to have a Denver based office to serve you.

over 7 years ago