Instant Online Quotes For Your Diamond Jewelry Presentation at 1MC


May 18th, 2015 will be my first opportunity to discuss in front of a wider audience my vision for SellMy.Jewelry.

I will also seek advice and input from that audience to help make my young company better.

The difficulties of a young company or startup as we know them are endless. I can recount so many problems I have already faced and ones that continue to worry me. Last week, I had the opportunity to elaborate on a few of them in front a crowd of fellow entrepreneurs at One Million Cups. It is not elaborate but helpful.

There are a few benefits from One Million Cups. First, I needed to get some exposure. This exposure is necessary. While I see searches for my product daily on Google, I do not show up and potential users do see that they can get the value of the jewelry or gold or diamonds on the Internet. Any exposure for me is really important. One Million Cups does well in that they provide a forum for entrepreneurs. Their forum is curated, well attended, and still open to starters like me. By starters, I mean people actually starting a company with an idea, limited means, and no experience.

My presentation went well. Most of the attendees saw how novel the concept was and really liked the idea. Instant online evaluations are more and more common for different sectors like cars and real estates. Jewelry is another asset that this same concept can be applied. People like to know the worth of their jewelry and are accustomed to finding that information through a web app.

Their advice was mostly useful. I have difficulty with messaging. I understand this problem all too well. What is the worth of your jewelry versus what is the value of your jewelry versus how much do I pay for your jewelry. Determining the right mix takes time and experimentation. Other advice that I found helpful was better branding and emphasis on longevity in the jewelry business as well as being more forthright with beta users.

One attendee brought up a use case that unfortunately is all too common. He was in-charge of the estate for his mother. As a part of that responsibility, he had to divide up the jewelry between himself and his sister. Unfortunately, he did not know any details about the pieces. He met with a local buyer where he sold some of them and kept others. In his case, my app would help him ensure he received a fair price, but he needed to know the basic information. This page will help you get an appraisal on any type of fine diamond jewelry.

Overall, I am very appreciative of 1MC (even though I do not like their caffeinated based message) and look forward to presenting at more venues.

written by Joseph Dolginow

September of 2018


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