About SellyMy.Jewelry

Founding & Philosophy

Family Jewelry Business + Tech Startup

My family started buying and selling jewelry before migrating to the United States in the early 20th century. Four generations later thanks largely to the skills passed down from mother and father to son and daughter, we are still doing it.

We have adapted. Technology can make processes easier, more transparent, and more accessible. SellMy.Jewelry does that by using sophisticated predictive algorithms updated weekly and an web-based application to help you sell jewelry easier and smarter.

I grew up in Kansas City and worked in my family's retail jewelry store from the time I could formulate a sentence. After college and a few years volunteering in Africa, I attended graduate school during which I spent my weeks learning how to build sophisticated algorithms and weekends working with my dad in his jewelry studio.

How We Are Helping Get Your Jewelry Appraisaed

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