Frequently asked questions About SellMy.Jewelry, Diamonds, And More

I try to answer your questions to save you the time of an E-mail. If you have a question that is not answered here or want a more detailed answer, please contact me.

Do you buy jewelry?

YES! I want to buy any piece of jewelry I can resell. The quotes you receive via SellMy.Jewelry are real and are meant to give you at least an estimation of what I pay. Click here to see a list of the type of jewelry I buy and process.

How does your instant quote work?

I use sophisticated algorithms developed in-house and updated weekly to calculate the offer. The offers are based on current diamond prices and metal prices. You enter your information, and I give you the price.

What diamonds are the best value?

Please refer to the advice page for more information. I go into depth about which jewelry purchases are the best from a retained value point of view.

What are the tax implications when I sell you jewelry?

You are selling personal property and are not obligated to pay taxes on the amount you receive from selling your jewelry. There maybe some circumstances or municipalities that require you to pay taxes, but I am not familiar with them. If you have any detailed questions, you should consult a tax expert.

How can I get an offer on colored gemstones and pearls?

I love colored gemstones and do sell them. In some cases, I do buy them. However, I sometimes do not for three reasons. First, a lot of gemstones are only semi-precious, so there is not much value there. Second, I cannot comfortably market a colored gemstone which I do not know the origins and treatments that particular gem has. Finally, a number of colored gemstones that I do commonly sell (opals and emeralds for example) are very soft and prone to breaking.

Are you appraisals good for insurance purposes?

NO! I think of these quotes as the cash value for the jewelry. If you want to sell a piece of jewelry, this quote is how much I will pay you. Insurance appraisals are based on how much you will pay for a piece of jewelry. Insurance replacements should always be higher than the quote you receive here. If not, contact a local jeweler and have them complete an appraisal for insurance purposes for you.

When you buy a piece of jewelry, is the sale final?

Your sale to me is final. I will not return the jewelry even if you return the check I issued. I do not want to be classified as pawnshop, and thus cannot offer returns. However, in extreme circumstances, I may accommdate a request to hold an item for a few days. In this case, I must have the original check I issued returned to me.