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Our online jewelry appraisal is a FREE tool for you to use. Learn how much your fine jewelry, gold, and diamonds are really worth and get help to buy and sell jewelry smarter.

Created by a small family jeweler with generations of experience, we buy and sell jewelry, gold, diamonds around the USA every day. Our mission is to help you. You can learn more here.

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Selling jewelry can be terrifying. Most of the details that affect how much your jewelry is worth are not visible to the eye and require training to identify. The jewelry industry augments this problem by developing unsavory schemes to keep profiting.

SellMy.Jewelry wants to earn your trust to help you sell your jewelry as painlessly and fairly as possible. I am not on the radio talking about “how I am your friend” or buying expensive television ads with too much giddiness. Instead, I built a web application that allows you to determine the resale value (or cash value) of your jewelry from your computer. In addition, I have a discreet and professional office for you to finalize the sale with me, the owner and operator.

You should know with whom you are doing business, so I want to tell you. My dad taught me. He learned the business from his parents (my grandparents) who learned it from theirs (my great-grandparents). My family currently owns and operates a retail jewelry studio in Kansas City Area where we buy and sell jewelry, diamonds and engagement rings.

My family’s record of success in the jewelry industry has been built not by creating ingenious profit schemes but developing a genuine trust and pleased clientele. I am working to continue that tradition.

"Although dealers will quote the prices at which they are willing to sell investment-grade diamonds, they seldom give a set price at which they are willing to buy diamonds of the same grade." ~Atlantic Monthly