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Here you can use the diamond calculator to find the price of any combination of shape, color, clarity, or size. This tool works with gem grade, polished diamonds only. All prices are in US dollars.

The price you see is the price I pay.

Why use this Diamond Price Calculator

  • Updated monthly to ensure accuracy
  • Most accurate algorithm backed by trusted jewelers
  • Calculates prices we actually pay for diamonds - calibrated monthly
  • Wide range of sizes, clarities, colors, cuts, & more

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Expert Review

Diamond Are My Favorite.

I have been working with diamonds since I was a little boy. My dad let me sort through them and use his tweezers. However, I did not realize their importance until I presented my wife with one. The symbolism and beauty still keep me in awe. From a jewelry perspective, they are also so great. They are hard, so diamonds do last and allow us to craft beautiful settings. They can take heat well, which makes the opens up so many possibilities. Though they can chip or break, overall they are a great bet.

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Overall rating is a 3.0 out of 5.

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