Calculate The Price Of Your Gold And Platinum In Kilos, Ounces, Grams And More


SellMy.Jewelry’s instant quote feature allows you to calculator or learn how much your gold is worth if you know the weight kilos, Ounce, or grams.

This calculator allows you to get a quick idea of what your gold is worth using just the Internet.

SellMy.Jewelry is about providing you information. Our goal is help you understand the value of your jewelry. In this case, I can help you by showing you the value of your gold.

Built in our instant quote is a feature that allows you to calculate the price you should receive for your gold. This feature saves you time and hassle of comparing so many offers and going to different places. Here are the details:

  • You need to know the weight of your gold. Finding this weight is not difficult. Kitchen scales work well for weighing gold. If you cannot find or borrow a scale, go to a grocery store and quickly use on of theirs. You can calculate the worth of your gold in pennyweight, grams, ounce, or pounds.
  • The form allows you to calculate multiple different metals at once. Just select the button "ADD ANOTHER". You can also calculate the price I pay for platinum or palladium. It does not matter if your gold is yellow, white or rose colored. Those colors come from the alloy.
  • Make sure you know the gold purity before you using the price calculator. The purity of the gold usually measured in karats ranges from 10 karat to 22 karat with 14 and 18 karat as the most common. Read here for more information on determining the purity. Each purity level has a different prices associated with it. Most gold in jewelry is an alloy of metals in order to make it more durable. I pay for the gold only and not the alloy. Normally the alloy consists of metals that are significantly less value. The more alloy, the less your gold is worth.
  • I pay a percentage of spot gold prices. There is a large market for gold. Everyday we see that the price of gold changes in the market. My algorithm reflects those changes on at least a weekly bases.
  • Yes, I pay a percentage of the market price. I wish I could pay the entire market price; however, the buying gold price is discounted from the market price much like a sell price for a stock is actually lower than the quoted price. Then, I factor in refining fees and variability in the market in order to determine the price I can pay you. Since Colorado law requires me to hold your jewelry for 30 days, the variability is an important consideration.
  • I compare what other gold buyers pay and keep my percentage slightly above theirs. This comparison ensures that you are receiving a fair quote from the instant quote tool and are motivated to do business with me.
  • Even if you want to pawn your gold, you can use our gold price calculator. Knowing the value should help establish how much you can receive on a loan and what the fair market value is.

Use our gold price calculator. SellMy.Jewelry is unique and the only website offering that instant quote. Finally, you can know the value of your gold in grams, pennyweight, pounds, or ounces.

written by Joseph Dolginow

September of 2018


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