Selling Fancy-Cut Diamonds: Don’t Expect What You Paid


There are so many propriety fancy cut diamonds available. Stores will give you a beautiful sales pitch but stay with the most common.

Fancy cut diamonds do have improved brilliance in some respects but are difficult to resell.

Basic Information About Fancy-Cut Diamonds

Most diamonds are rounds. The round shape has been available for centuries and, as I have documented, is the most common. The round comes in many forms with the most common being the round brilliant. Others include the single cut, rose cut, miners cut, old European cut, and more. The difference is the faceting.

In addition to round diamonds, there are square, rectangular, oval, heart, and so many more. Any diamond that is not a round is referred to as a fancy-cut diamond. Fancy-cut diamonds are classified by GIA first by their shape then by their faceting. Brilliant faceting has angles and reflects light back whereas step faceting is has more right angles like you would see in an emerald shape diamond. There are nine common fancy-cut diamonds: marquise, emerald, cushion, radiant, oval, asscher, pear, heart, and princess.

Avoid “Lesser Known” Fancy-Cut Diamonds

Beyond the most common shapes, polish diamonds are available in lesser known shapes and faceting styles. I want to discuss these fancy-cut diamonds in some depth in order to help consumers understand their purchase.

Let me first acknowledge these diamonds often shine more or reflect light better. A salesperson will remind you of this fact over and over. Most the “lesser known” fancy-cut diamonds were developed later when technology and understanding of cut were better. With increased knowledge came more brilliance.

Most large retailers offer examples of these lesser-known fancy-cut diamonds. Crisscut diamond is one example. The Leo diamond is another example with its round shape but unique faceting. Octogon diamonds, triangular diamonds like trilliants, and lozenge diamonds are also seen.

With that said, do not buy these lesser-known fancy shape diamonds. I know they are unique and that appeals to so many consumers. However, the resale market on them is so little that consumers may buy these fancy-cut diamonds at a premium then ended up with no value. The diamonds maybe beautiful but so are the more common shapes.

Just to let you know, the instant quote diamond value calculator cannot give you an idea of what these diamonds would be worth. I would like to have that information more accessible; however, there is not enough data for algorithm to do an accurate prediction. In fact, predictions for some less common fancy-cut diamonds are not as good as I would like.

Lastly, do not confuse weirdly faceted and cut fancy diamonds (the like the ones discussed here) with branded diamonds. You can read this article to learn more about branded or designer jewelry. There is a difference even though most of the "lesser-known" fancy-cut diamonds are branded themselves.

written by Joseph Dolginow

September of 2018


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