Cash For Gold – Checking Our Model


SellMy.Jewelry pays cash for gold jewelry. Our online offers are higher than what competitors actually pay.

We pay cash for all types of gold jewelry, and you can get your offer instantly and online.

SellMy.Jewelry is different from many places that pay cash for gold. There are the basic aspects. Here are a few of the differences customers mention:

  • Discreet environmental
  • Professional office with every tool necessary
  • Quick transaction
  • Personable place

While these attributes are important, SellMy.Jewelry offers honest quotes instantly and free over the Internet. No other business will do that. Furthermore, you can trust the quotes you receive because I use the tool daily in the office.

The advantages of this tool are endless for you, the consumer. You no longer need to go from place to place comparing offers. You have a baseline of the value of your jewelry before you begin the process. The tool sets your expectations and helps you understand the true value or worth of your item. Click here for more details on using the instant quote tool.

While these differentiators are important, I sell pay a premium. You feel comfortable knowing when you need cash for gold SellMy.Jewelry’s offer online is fair and higher than most competitors pay.

For the first time since March, I did some comparison to make sure. I checked how much cash for gold other firms pay. Turns out, they pay less. I checked major online gold buyers who began with a high offer, followed it up with a lower range, and then wanted to deduct their fees from the lower offer. They enticed me with an unreasonable offer but backed down quickly. By the time, the final offer came through they were paying less.

I can understand the strategy of saying “most cash for your gold” then slowly deducting fees. These firms need to make money, and the longer the negotiation the more likely they can convince you to accept a lower offer. Also, adding fees on at the end helps them increase their profit margin after the offer has been accepted. Discount airlines use the same tactic – see Frontier.

Here, I want to avoid that hassle. You see a quote from the instant quote tool, schedule an appointment to verify the details, and receive a check for the instant quote amount. It avoids complications. There are NO FEEs (hidden, written in small print, or otherwise), and the transaction is quick and easy on you. Customers can trust the instant quote tool.

Free instant quotes backed up by an honest buyer for when you want cash for gold. What you see online is what you get paid in person. That is one way SellMy.Jewelry is different.

written by Joseph Dolginow

September of 2018


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