Selling Old Jewelry Versus Unwanted Jewelry Versus Antique Jewelry


We buy your old jewelry whether it is an estate piece or just an antique.

I prefer not to use the term “old” when describing jewelry. All metal and diamonds in jewelry is old; however, I hope jewelry is never dilapidated.

Jewelry is meant to be worn and cherished. I love jewelry and what is represents. In starting SellMy.Jewelry, I have grabbled with different terminology used to described jewelry. It can be very difficult finding the perfect word. A prime example of this difficulty is with my instant quote tool. Every day (and most nights) I try to express what the instant quote is telling you. The best way I can describe it is “what I have purchased similar items for in the past”, but that does not appealing. Instead, I use the terms worth or value or resale value, etc.

Another term with which I have difficulty is old jewelry. I realize that selling old jewelry makes sense and jewelry does wear. Yes, jewelry does wear, and diamonds do break. Worn jewelry occurs with years of slow rubbing almost creating a sandpaper effect. Jewelry also wears due to one-off events like slamming it on a table or more likely a keyboard or, since we are in Colorado, somewhere in the outdoors.

Another aspect of jewelry is old: the raw materials. I was selling a “new” engagement ring to a client who asked “is this a new diamond?”. The answer is obvious. The earth form diamonds over millions of years with extreme heat and pressure. There is no way I can buy or sell a new diamond. All diamonds are old. Same goes with gold. Your ring is an old piece of jewelry if you just look at the raw materials.

We only buy and sell old diamonds. Obviously!

Still, the term “old” irks me. I prefer to say unwanted or antique or estate piece of jewelry. If jewelry does appear old, I suggest finding an experienced jeweler who can repair it. If you like the piece and wear it, it is worth spending some money to keep it in good condition. With modern tools like a laser welder, you can really restore a ring or bracelet (they tend to take the most abuse) really well.

If you are looking to sell your old jewelry (or estate or antique), I will gladly buy it. In rare cases, we will do the restoring ourselves in order to resell it. Normally, this restoration is difficult and time consuming. We often have to locate a matching diamond or sapphire. We have to rebuild filigree and refinish milgrain edges. Because of the labor involved in restoration, I normally cannot afford to pay much of a premium for your old jewelry, so the instant quote tool should give you a good idea of how much it is worth.

written by Joseph Dolginow

September of 2018


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