Diamond Price Calculator – Showing The Price Changes After One Year


I have collected extensive data on diamond prices for over a year now and calculating diamond prices and showing appreciations and depreciations for just as long.

Diamond prices have not changed especially for an average consumer in the past year despite what warnings sound.

Diamond price calculators are useful for telling you how much your jewelry is worth at a particular moment. However, I always wonder what the trend is and how prices are changing. I read daily about how diamond prices change and am always worried the price quotes you receive on through the instant quote tool are not accurate.

August 15 marks the one-year date that I have been building diamond pricing models with the extensive dataset that I use. It also marks the date in which I developed the statistical model which accurately calculates diamond prices.

Considering it has been one year, I decided to go through my model, which gets updated frequently, and see how prices have changed.

The diamond price calculator shows that prices remain the same.

Upon developing the model, I expected diamond prices to change frequently (at least biweekly when an industry pricing sheet is revealed). Turns out, most diamond prices stay stable. There is no significant change in most all the diamonds I reviewed in my calculator over the past year.

There were a few diamond prices that did appreciate or depreciate; however, they are ones less common. Diamond prices for diamonds most people buy (1/3 to 4 carat) in color (F to K) and clarity (VVS2 to I2) have been remarkably stable. Where prices have changed are with extreme diamonds. These diamonds are D color and flawless clarity. Their price has proven more volatile, but their rarity makes it irrelevant for most consumers.

The demand for diamonds is always changing, so I suspected the prices of the year to change and reflect that. However, I just did not see it. Ovals are more popular now, but the price seems to about the same now as it was a year ago. Perhaps, I just need more time to see the changes.

One final point, the relative prices do change. I have written a few posts about how diamond shape affects price and how those relations do change. Overall though, according to the diamond price calculator, prices are stable… at least for the last year.

Update: Newly developed tool makes it easier

Click here for all the details. This tool uses the same sophisticated math and is backed by us. It is just easier and quicker.

written by Joseph Dolginow

September of 2018


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