We Buy Your Gold And Jewelry Differently Than A Pawnshop


SellMy.Jewelry is a small office where you can discreetly sell your gold, diamonds and jewelry rather than a busy pawnshop.

Our offers on jewelry, gold, and diamonds are normally higher than pawnshops because we are more specialized.

Selling your jewelry can be difficult. If there is any emotional attachment, you will have to let that go. Also, so many sellers are surprised to learn the true value of what their jewelry is worth. A minority are ecstatic with the amount of money are receiving. Regardless, SellMy.Jewelry is trying to make the process better.

Traditionally and most frequently, gold sellers will visit a pawnshop and small jewelry store that buys back jewelry. They will wait at a counter in front of other patrons, receive their offer, hear some pitch about why their item is not worth anything, and be pressured into selling it. The stories of these interactions are endless. The TV show Pawn Stars documents them well.

SellMy.Jewelry is different. First, I tried to provide you with information upfront. If you have basic information about your jewelry items, you should be reasonably informed when coming into my office. Unlike selling jewelry to a pawnshop, I will sit with you, explain what you have, and how much it is worth. If there are reasons why your jewelry is worth less than you expect, I sit and explain those reasons. I show you on the Internet what similar items are selling for, so you know I am being transparent. Your experience at SellMy.Jewelry will be much different than selling to a pawnshop.

Pawnshops do have a distinct advantage. They will loan you money using your items as collateral whereas I do not make loans. Their loans are normally given at very high interest rates especially when factoring in fees; however, credit can be difficult. If you need to use a pawnshop, I encourage you to use my instant quote tool to help you establish a fair market value for your piece. That way, you can at least have an idea of how much money they should loan you.

You should also know that SellMy.Jewelry is a small, safe, and discreet office. The office is clean. Most importantly, the environment is low pressure. This aspect is much different from selling jewelry to a pawnshop. My dad’s line is that “we enjoy buying your jewelry but prefer you to keep it, wear it, enjoy it, and buy more of it”. Last week, a client came into sell a ring her grandmother gave her. I could see she was not comfortable selling it even though she wanted the money. After offering her a fair quote, she asked me about alternatives. The ring was perfect to make into a station necklace, so I suggested that. She left without selling the ring but with an idea about the value of what she said and an idea for a special piece of jewelry.

At SellMy.Jewelry, we try to be different from selling jewelry to a pawnshop. Yes, we are more transparent and usually honest, but also the selling environment is more relaxed and private. Visit us for more information.

written by Joseph Dolginow

September of 2018


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