New Way To Calculate How Much Your Diamonds And Jewelry Is Worth


SellMy.Jewelry has a new user interface designed to help you learn the value of your jewelry quicker and easier.

The coding took months and was, at times, very difficult. The end result, though, will hopefully be useful for you.

As you can gather from SellMy.Jewelry, I grew up in the jewelry industry. I was taught starting from a young age about jewelry and all aspects of it from selling beautiful diamonds to buying to repairing to sorting. I know far less about developing a sophisticated web application that can tell you how much your jewelry is worth.

In the last few months, I have made great strides at improving the process for determining how much your jewelry is worth. I learn quite a few new programming skills and continue to be impressed at how it works (when it does). Now, you can determine the value of your jewelry by adjusting parameters on a slider. When you are finished with inputing your jewelry characteristics, the value of your jewelry will appear. You can get the values right away.

Not Everything Changed

The algorithm is the same though I have identified a few areas for future improvement. You can be assured that if you chose to get a quote the original way that the appraisal price will be the same regardless. As a part of the new user interface, the prices are updated more frequently. I was updated them weekly and have moved to updating some prices 4 or 5 times a week.

The New UI

At the heart of the new user interface is product pages. These pages are complete with information about common diamonds, engagement rings, and other fine jewelry. The pages include a basic description, tags and categories to help you find them quickly, as well as reviews written by me. However, these product pages are different from any other website I have seen. Instead of quoting you a price at which I will sell you a piece of jewelry, they feature a price at which I will buy that piece of jewelry from you. I debated long whether or not they should even be called “product” pages but have not come up with a better name for them.

Example of new UI sliders on SellMy.Jewelry

Most important for calculating the value of your diamonds and fine jewelry are the inputs. Select menus behind submission walls are easier to code and make sense; however, these product pages feature sliders. You can slide your parameter to an exact value or range of values and get the appraisal price back. The prices update automatically and instantaneously.

Please check out the product pages and let me know what you think. I look forward to continuing to expand the number of product pages. If you have a suggestion, please reach out.

written by Joseph Dolginow

September of 2018


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