Best place to sell jewelry in Denver


Thinking through why SellMy.Jewelry is Denver’s best place to sell jewelry and diamonds.

Three reasons come to mind: better outlets, honest and professional, and owner operated.

Denver has a few places to sell jewelry. I want to explain why I think SellMy.Jewelry is better. I narrowed the list down to three reasons. These are the ones I thought most important and would be of most interest to readers.

I try to be upfront with people who sell to me. I am buying your jewelry to resell. Admittedly, the ladies in my family keep a few pieces my dad and I buy for their own collection, but I mostly buy to resell as is common. Most resellers, however, do to through other channels. They will sell to a wholesaler or auction house. Whenever that occurs, the price they can pay you goes down. One reason I can offer the most is I sell through my own retail outlet without a middleman. Visit Dolgins for retail jewelry and engagement rings in Kansas City.

Avoiding the middleman can help me pay you more. It also means I depend on you and need to buy jewelry in order to have stock to sell. For example, I need at least one 1.50 carat round brilliant diamond right now, so whomever comes in with one to sell will get a very high offer. Being the best place to sell jewelry in Denver means I offer the most. I ensure I can do that by reselling myself in our own retail outlet.

Honest and Professional jewelers. Selling your jewelry requires a degree of trust. There is the obvious need for trust in any transaction; you need to know the buyer is able and willing to pay. One way I try to build that trust by offering an instant quote; you can have a good idea of what I will pay before you arrive. Beyond that, you are sharing your valuables that often have some emotional attachment. Thus, selling in a safe and comfortable place is important as well. Lastly, you must trust that the gemologist is accurately appraising your jewelry.

At SellMy.Jewelry, I am backed by generations of experience. The Dolgin’s name is synonymous with fine jewelry in Kansas City. I carry that tradition on everyday. Second, my office is discreet, clean, and relaxed. I am in a secured office building with cameras, alarms, and more. When you visit my office, you will sit across my desk. We will transact properly. Lastly, I have been examining diamonds and jewelry since I was a young boy. I have a clear understanding of GIA standards for grading and evaluation.

Jewelry is largely about how it connects people. When you sell it, you should feel a settled in who buys it. I tried to offer that feeling when you visit my office. I want my clients to feel comfortable. They should have a clear understanding of who I am, what my values are, and why I want to buy their jewelry. You are not dealing with an employee who is collecting a paycheck rather an entrepreneur trying to make a livelihood.

I should end by saying I try to be the best place to sell diamonds and jewelry in Denver. I will try to accommodate any request; however, I am not perfect and do face my own limitations.

written by Joseph Dolginow

September of 2018


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