Jewelry Appraisals Got EVEN Easier


New forms allow for instant jewelry appraisals by answering a series of questions tailored exactly to your piece of jewelry.

Still have work to improve the usability of SellMy.Jewelry, but I think the site is better as evidence by the estimated value in less than 30 seconds.

After setting aside SellMy.Jewelry for the summer, this fall I have been diligently working to remake the web application. After returning from another project involving rehashing and updating jewelry and engagement ring online catalog, I was surprised to see some positive results. People were using my online jewelry appraisal tool. I received inquiries almost on a daily basis.

That positive feedback led to thinking about simplifying the process. Simplifying to me meant less boxes and a more direct path to the final estimated value. It also meant a better mobile experience for those users who want their appraisal on their phone when they are about to sell their jewelry, gold, or diamond.

In Comes Dynamic Wizard Forms

That thinking led me to dynamic wizard forms. Answer one question that is customized based on what piece of jewelry you have and what information I need to get you an appraisal. Click quickly through the listed options, and see the value. In the example, I got a free and instant online jewelry appraisal in 9 clicks or less than 30 seconds!!! That is really quick!

More To Do

Despite the vast improvements, there are still some tweaks coming. Dynamic form wizards allow me help guide the process along even more. For example, an update in the future will give you the user average weights for a piece of jewelry. For example, most solitaire engagement rings weigh about 2 pennyweights. So many appraisals I see forget that information, so including it as an option will speed the process along. It will also help users who do not have all the necessary information still get an accurate appraisal value.

I will also be setting up a way to users to contact me to discuss their free appraisal value. Following-up on the free, online and instant appraisal valuation will hopefully lead to more comfort and trust with the quoted value.

Just to note, you can still get an appraisal by finding your specific piece of jewelry and adjusting the parameters to match what you have. I will continue to add different jewelry pieces as I see fit. Hopefully soon, I will also improve the pages to make them more logically to use.

written by Joseph Dolginow

September of 2018


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