Three Stone Round Diamond Ring In Platinum

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Three stone rings are a classic style. As the name suggests, these rings consist of 3 matching diamonds or gemstones. The center diamond is usually the largest flanked by a pair of matching diamonds. So many different setting styles exists; the pictures show two. Other styles such as a trellis head do exist and are just a preference of style. Also, you can find 3 stone rings in different metals including yellow gold and white gold. This one is weighed in platinum. Three diamond rings can also have different diamond shapes. This product has a round center diamond of 1 carat and two 0.25 carat diamonds on each side.

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Cannot go wrong with a basic three stone ring with diamonds. I love the style; my family has been selling these rings for generations. There is a variety in the setting style; however, the options are too many to list. Select whichever one you like. In terms of resale, they are all about the same.

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Overall rating is a 4.0 out of 5.

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