Radiant Cut Diamond

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Radiants are very similar to princess cut diamonds in most respects. They are both brilliant cut meaning their faceting and ability to reflect light is very similar. Both the radiant and princess cut face up well and reflect light almost as well a round brilliant. The one important difference is that a radiant has an extra four sides, so it sits and sets up slightly different than a princess cut. Still, both shapes are most rectangular.

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Expert Review

Go For A Radiant Versus A Princess Cut

If you like a square brilliant brilliant cut, I suggest a radiant. They set up well, reflect so much more light than other square cuts like and Asscher. The main advantage is that they are so much less likely to break. Also, whereas most other fancies tend to run in cycles, radiants throughout my career have been very consistent in terms of demand. Lastly, I like the aesthetic of a radiant. They provide so many great design options being they have straight sides versus other shapes that do not.

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Overall rating is a 3.5 out of 5.

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