Pear Shaped Diamond

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Pear shaped diamonds are also known as tear drops. They are brilliant cut with one rounded side and one pointed side (almost like a mix between an oval and a marquise). The faceting is a brilliant style meaning it will reflect light well and should face up really beautifully.

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Expert Review

My favorite Fancy

I love pear shaped diamonds (or gemstones in general). Probably, what I love the most is how they look setup especially when they dangle. It is sleek look that just makes sense. Pears are also a consistent seller but not nearly as popular as some other fancy cut diamonds. I will note that I commonly see pear shape diamonds that are poorly cut. They should resemble a perfect tear drop like the one pictured; however, I see too many of them with heavy tops or very flat bottoms or significant bowties in the middle.

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Overall rating is a 3.5 out of 5.

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