Pandora Essence Rose Bracelet

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This jewelry is considered costume jewelry. For what it is, the Essence bracelet is very expensive. The bracelet is made out of a metal alloy and crafted to look like a beautiful rose gold piece of jewelry. It has a small charm branded with the Pandora emblem.

Two important considerations with this bracelet. First, any bracelet takes significant wear and tear. Most bracelets need to be sturdy enough to withstand abuse because wrists are commonly knocked against hard surfaces. With the snake chain, this does look sturdy enough. The second issue I have (and this bugs some people more than others) is the charm staying upright. Single charm bracelets are normally designed as bangles in order to keep the charm up. With the snake chain, I imagine the charm is continually facing down, which would bug me.

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Expert Review

Expensive Costume Jewelry

This jewelry scam is classic. A well-known brand creates a line of costume jewelry and sells it as fine jewelry. This piece has no resale value, and Pandora is overcharging for what you are getting. My suggestion is to find an off-brand bracelet made from 10 or 14 karat gold.

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Overall rating is a 1.0 out of 5.

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