Interlocking Circles Pendant

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I wanted to include this product because the Tiffany & Co version was one of the most pinned jewelry items in 2016. The pictured version is slightly different than theirs. These pendants or necklaces have two circles interwined. They are either white gold or silver sometimes with a rose gold accents. Some do have diamonds.

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Tiffany's Makes Money On You.

Like so many designer or named brand items, expect to lose money if you ever sell this item. The price for this necklace at Tiffany's is much higher than it should be. Most people who buy it want the shopping experience on there. Dealers do resell some on eBay but who knows if those are real (and those are dealers reselling it). There really is not much value there. If you love the design, find a similar one in white gold. It will cost less, look similar, and actually have some resale value.

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Overall rating is a 1.5 out of 5.

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