Gold Comfort Fit Men's Band

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Plain gold comfort fit bands are very traditional men's wedding rings. One solid metal (or more accurately for today's world metal alloy) such as 14 karat gold is often important for religious reasons.

Do not expect a plain band to be an easy choice. There are a few variables even within plain bands. First, you must decide the width. I wear a five millimeter wide; six is very common. Die struck over a cast band is also an important decision. Die struck should be more expensive but ensures the ring is more solid. Lastly, plain gold comfort fit wedding bands can have different finishes. Gold finish include a brush, high polish, etc. With time and wear, all bands will lose whichever finish you decide.

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Expert Review

I Wear One.

What I can say. Men's comfort fit wedding bands are classic. They wear well and look great. While perhaps a bit plain and not the correct style for everyone, they remain a best seller. I will tell you from experience that comfort fit is worth the money. Comfort fit bands are thicker but feel so much better on. Then again, once you are used to a ring, it does not make a huge different. I still suggest it. In terms of resale, expect to get the value of the metal. After some wear, most people prefer just buy a new one.

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Overall rating is a 4.5 out of 5.

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