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White diamonds are most traditional; however, a diamond does not have to be just white. Fancy colored diamonds such as brown, yellow, green, and blue diamonds exist. Diamonds can be treated to get those colors as well. Natural fancy colored diamonds range in price and quality. Natural radiation or the mixture of elements in the Earth cause different colors. The more rare a color and size corresponds with more value. The best resource for understanding more about them is the GIA.

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Be Careful And Like What You Buy

Here is my advice with fancy colored diamonds. First, buy GIA certified and untreated. GIA will list any treatments. Obviously, a treated diamond is worth little (or close to it). GIA will also distinguish between a low color white diamond such as a T color and an actual fancy colored diamond. Yes, there is a difference, and it is important. Third, no pricing guide or pattern exists. I cannot quote you a price at which I will buy your fancy colored diamond despite my research and efforts. I have not been able to develop an algorithm. Because of a lack of pattern in pricing, I suggest seeing what you buy before committing to it. Compare colors and spread of the color before committing to a diamond. Lastly, do not get your expectations too high if you want to resell it. They are rare and can have value but also have a small market size than most white diamonds.

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