Eternity Band With Diamonds Channel Set

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An eternity band has diamonds set the entire way around the band. These bands mean that diamonds will always show even if the band spins on your finger. They look great and have become popular.

There are a few variations. These pictures are all of channel set bands with round diamonds. Different setting styles do exist. Next, eternity bands with square diamonds are also available. Third, the width of the band varies depending on the width of the diamonds. The pictures here have larger diamonds, which weigh 0.20 carats each, small diamonds weighing 0.030 carat each, and really small weighing about 0.01 carat each. My favorite size uses 0.05 carat round diamonds.

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Expert Review

Difficult For Jewelers

Eternity bands are beautiful but present a few problems for jewelers. First, they are difficult to size. Diamonds must be added or removed, which really hurts the integrity of the ring. They are labor intensive and mostly custom-made for a particular individual. This means you should expect to pay a premium but not receive much on the secondary market. Lastly, a European style shank on a band avoids the spinning problem but saves money. My mom wears a Euro shank diamond band.

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Overall rating is a 2.0 out of 5.

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