Cushion Cut Diamond

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Cushion or pillow cut diamonds are a mixture between a round diamond and a princess. They are square with rounded sides. Cushion cut diamonds developed from older versions of round diamonds. Those early cushion cuts (cut mostly in the late 19th century) are extremely popular. Because of its popularity during that time, so many large, famous diamonds are cushion cut. 

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Expert Review

A Classic Look But Too Deep

I keep thinking cushion cut diamonds were at their peak. Of coarse, any antique cushion cut you find has a significant premium on it. The modern cut (which is what you will see most frequently) are still extremely popular as the cut is enjoy a resurgence. I like cushions but frankly prefer radiants. Cushions are beautiful but have so much depth they look smaller than they are. Radiants offer a similar look but will appear larger. With that said, a vintage ring with a cushion is something really special.

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Overall rating is a 2.5 out of 5.

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