Channel Set Diamond Band

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This band features 15 round brilliant diamonds channel set in a single row. The approximate weight of the diamonds in this particular band is 0.50 carat total weight. The ring pictured here is in 14 karat white gold and is 2 millimeters thick.

This ring is not limited to what I described above. The band can be made of in yellow or rose gold, platinum, or palladium. It can be wider (and would weigh more). There are also so many combinations of diamonds though usually an odd number. Diamonds can range in size and in total weight as well.

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Expert Review

My Mom Has Always Loved Hers.

These bands are staples. So many couples decide between a version of this channel set band or just a solid metal one. My mom has worn one with a European shank for decades. The channels keep the diamonds well protected. Gold channels do wear, so expect some repairs especially if you ring is not soldered together. Also, grim especially hand cream loves the channels, so a professional cleaning help. I also should mention that these straight channel bands go better another straight sided ring like a solitaire or as a ring by itself. We have sold them with other styles like a halo, but there can be a gap between the engagement ring and wedding band. Because these bands are primarily small diamonds and do not weigh very much, the resale value is not as a high as you would think. A lot of what you pay for is the labor involved in setting the band up.

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Overall rating is a 3.5 out of 5.

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