4 Carat Diamond Tennis Bracelet

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This estimated value is for a bracelet with 47 round brilliant diamonds prong set in a 7 inch bracelet. The diamonds are arranged in a single file line. The exact size of the diamonds can vary along with their quality. Also, these bracelets should be available in smaller and larger sizes to fit the whomever wears the bracelet. There are also so many different setting styles. The pictures here should the diamonds set in a prongs but bezels and half bezels are also very common.

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Expert Review

Great Look But Terrible Not Much In Return

If buying a bracelet, the diamond tennis bracelet is a great look. Bracelets do take abuse (unlike earrings), so my suggest is to buy a sturdy model. While the look is great, be aware the resale is not. A lot of what you pay for in a beautiful bracelet is labor to sort and set all the match diamonds. After a few years of wear, expect that a reseller will not be comfortable selling the piece complete, leaving just a matched parcel of diamonds and some gold.

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Overall rating is a 1.5 out of 5.

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